Ransomware | How to get protected


This is what it looks like when it’s too late!




There is no way to restore your data without purchasing a special key costing hundreds or thousands of dollars!



Ransomware occurs when your files are encrypted by cyber-criminals and they are inaccessible until and unless you pay a ransom. Some examples of ransomware at various levels:

Home computer: “How my mom got hacked” (New York Times)

Small Business Executive:  “How a small Canadian company fell victim to ransomware” (IT World Canada)

Enterprise: Attackers collect ransom from Kansas hospital



If you have not yet been victimized, below we describe three safety nets you should employ to keep your files safe.


Nerds On Site’s 3 safety nets for small business to prevent becoming a victim

Filtered Internet

Devices which have unfiltered Internet connections are the most vulnerable. Infections come through ad networks, phishing sites (in fact, 93% of phishing emails are now ransomware attempts), so implementing a filter that blocks out these threats at your router level is a natural first safety net. Nerds On Site achieves this via DNSthingy.com blacklisting or whitelisting solutions for homes and businesses.

End-point protection that can rollback ransomware infections

Realizing that no system is 100% immune, end-point protection that is ransomware-aware is another critical safety net.  Our partnership with Webroot provides this piece of mind, should an infection occur. Currently-known ransomware infections are all able to be rolled back, completely undoing the damage without resorting to the next safety net:

Online Backup that is managed and verified

Having signed up for some kind of file synchronization such as Dropbox is not a backup.  Online, cold backup which has versioning enabled and is fully managed and validated on a regular basis is a minimum. This service is offered through Nerds On Site via third parties.  See more at nerdsbackup.com.


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